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  • (161) 김현수, Maria Stenkina, 김유진, 임가영, 김도희, 이주영*(2022)

    수동 가온 및 운동 시 손으로부터의 방열량과 손의 형태 요소 간의 상관. 한국생활환경학회지 29(5), 465-477. 
    Relationships between Hand Morphology and Heat Flow from the Hand During Exercise and Passive Heating. J. Korean Soc. Living Environ. Sys. 29(5), 465~477.

  • (160) 김도희, JinChengZhu, MinJa, 오정우, 이주영 (2022)

    중국 지린성 옌지시(吉林省延吉市) 조선족 고령자의의생활 및 자각적 온열 감각. 한국생활환경학회지. 29(6), 1-12. 
  • (159) 주희영, 김규랑, Andrew Gorski, 이주영* (2022)

    여름철 도시 거주 성인의 열스트레스 인지 및 체온조절성 행동에서의 성차. 한국지역사회생활과학회지, 33(4), 479-495
    Sex-related differences in cognitive heat stress and thermoregulatory behavior of adults in urban areas during summer
  • (158) 권주연, 조예성, 이범휘, 김민서, 전영민, 이주영*(2022)

    COVID-19 감염병 대응 의료진용 개인보호복의 동작성 및 생리적 부담 평가를 위해 개발된 모의 작업 프로토콜의 타당도. 한국의류산업학회지 24(5) 655-665 (2022년 10월호)

    Validity of a simulated practical performance test to evaluate the mobility and physiological burden of COVID-19 healthcare workers wearing personal protective equipment

  • (157) Tochihara Y, Lee JY*, Son SY, Bakri I (2022)

    [Review] Heat Strain of Japanese Firefighters Wearing Personal Protective Equipment: a Review for Developing a Test Method. Ergonomics (Accepted on Aug 7, 2022)
  • (156) Tochihara Y, Wakabayashi H*, Lee JY, Wijayanto T, Hashiguchi Y, Saat M (2022)

    [Review] How humans adapt to hot climates learned from the recent research on tropical indigenes. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 41, 27.
  • (155) 문주현, 노상현, 이주영* (2022)

    전기차용 국부 근접 복사 히터 개발을 위한 발열판의 최적 표면온도 결정: 가온 면적, 인체 부위 및 체질량지수의 영향. 한국생활환경학회지 29(3), pp 261 - 270. 

    Ju-Hyun Moon, Sang-Hyun Roh, Joo-Young Lee* (2022) 
    Determining proper surface temperature for radiant heaters to warm passengers in electric vehicles: effects of heating size, body region and body mass index. The Journal of the Korean Society of Living Environmental System, 29(3), 261-270. 

  • (154) 주희영, 정다희, 노상현, 이민희, Syifa Salsabila, 임가영, 이혜린, 이초은, 문주현, 김규랑, 이주영* (2022)

    여름철 서울과 부산 지역 습구흑구온도(WBGT)와 지역 거주자의 열스트레스 인지 및 체온조절 행동 간의 관련. 한국생활환경학회지 29(2), 149-164 (출판년월 2022년 5월 31일)

    Heeyoung Ju, Dahee Jung, Sang Hyun Roh, Minhee Lee, Syifa Salsabila, Ga-Youmg Lim, Hye-Lin Lee, Cho-Eun Lee, Ju-hyun Moon, Kyu Rang Kim, Joo-Young Lee* (2022) Relationships between WBGT and heat-stress cognition and thermoregulatory behavior of Seoul and Busan residents in Summer. The Journal of the Korean Society of the Living Environmental System, 29(2), 149-164.

  • (153) Baek YJ, Ju H, Lee JY, Oh KW* (2022)

    Effects of wearing knee-guards on skin pressure and skin blood flow during soccer motions. Fashion & Textiles, 9:12 (Published 15 April, 2022)

  • (152) Kang M, Kim KR*, Lee JY, Shin JY (2022)

    Determination of thermal sensation levels for Koreans based on perceived temperature and climate chamber experiments with hot and humid settings. International Journal of Biometeorology 66, 1095-1107(Published 04 March, 2022)
  • (151) 백윤정*, 조가영, 홍유진, 이주영 (2022)

    저온 유풍 환경 노출 시 구스다운 재킷과 폴리에스터 패딩 재킷 중 어느 재킷이 온열생리 심리적으로 더 따뜻한가? 한국생활환경학회지, 29(1), 16-29

    Yoon Jeong Baek*, Kayoung Cho, Yujin Hong , Joo-Young Lee (2022) Which jacket is thermo-physiologically and psychologically warmer between long-padded jackets filled with goose down and polyester in a windy and cold environment? The Journal of the Korean Society of Living Environmental System, 29(1), 16-29. doi:10.21086/ksles.2022.
  • (150) Tochihara Y, Lee JY, Son SY* (2022)

    [Review] A review of test methods for evaluating mobility of firefighters wearing personal protective equipment. Industrial Health, 60, 106-120. DOI: 10.2486/indhealth.2021-0157

  • (149) Bakri I, Tochihara Y, Lee JY, Wakabayashi H (2022)

    Effect of personal protective equipment on the physiological responses of different body weight groups of firefighters. Journal of Human and Environment System, 24(1), 11-16.

  • (148) Baek YJ, Kim SH, Kim S, Yoo ES, Lee JY*(2022)

    Effects of air mattress pressure on sleep quality and physiological responses: Comparisons of the shoulder and hip pressure relief. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology. 34(2), 189-205.(Article online publication date: 20 July 2021)

  • (118) Kim DH, Kim S, Lee JY* (2022)

    An empirical investigation of firefighter personal protective equipment and burn Injuries in Korea.

    Industrial Health, 60, 2-15 (Accepted on May 20, 2021)


  • (147) 이도신, 임가영, 이혜린, 전영민, 이주영*(2021)

    COVID-19 감염병 대응 의료진용 개인보호복 착용 시 온열 심리반응: 기온과 보호수준의 영향. 한국생활환경학회지 28(4), 561-575

    Thermo-psychological responses while wearing personal protective equipment for COVID-19 healthcare workers: effects of air temperature and protective level

  • (146) Quinn TD, Gutierrez B, Saez I, Santisteban A, Lee JY, Kim JH, Coca A* (2021)

    Comparison of three internationally certified firefighter protective ensembles: physiological responses, mobility, and comfort.

    International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 86, 103232


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