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  • (163) [Under review] Kwon JY, Cho K, Jung D, Lee JY* (2021)

    Cutaneous warmth and hotness thresholds to radiation heat exposure at a distance of 10 cm from 17 body regions. Journal of TOOOOOOO (Submitted on Nov 11, 2021)
  • (162) [Under review] 이도신, 임가영, 이혜린, 전영민, 이주영*(2021)

    COVID-19 감염병 대응 의료진용 개인보호복 착용 시 온열 심리반응: 기온과 보호수준의 영향. 한국OOOOOOO (Submitted on Oct 1, 2021)

  • (161) [Under review] Roh SH, Baek YJ, Lee HL, Lee DS, Kang CH, Lee JY* (2021)

    Subjective perceptions of 8,11 and 14oC chemotherapy liquid cooled gloves and socks. OOOOOO&OOOOOO (Submitted on Oct 10, 2021)
  • (160) [Under review] Baek YJ, Ju H, Lee JY, Oh KW* (2021)

    Effects of wearing knee-guards on skin pressure and skin blood flow during soccer motions. FaOOOOOO, (Submitted on Aug, 2021)

  • (159) [Under review] Tochihara Y, Lee JY, Son SY* (2021)

    A review of test methods for evaluating mobility of firefighters wearing personal protective equipment.  Applied OOOOO (Submitted on June 29, 2021) 

  • (158) [Under review] Ko Y, Heo K, Kim K, Lee JY* (2020)

    Age-related differences in heat acclimatization induced during naturally occuring hot and humid summer exposures. International Journal of Biometerology (Submitted in June, 2019).

  • (157) [In progress] Kim S, Kim JH, Kim H, Kuklane K, Lee JY* (2021)

    Elevated resting heart rate as a predictor of firefighters’ heat strain. Journal of OOOOO

  • (156) [In progress] Jang YJ, Kim JH, Lee JY* (2020)

    Effects of menthol cream during recovery after exercise on thermoregulatory responses.

  • (155) [In progress] Kim YB, Kim R, Muhamed AMC, Wijayanto T, Kuklane K, Sohn JH, Kim S, Roh SH, Lee JY* (2020)

    Perceived thermal comfort and thermoregulatory behavior of young people in temperate, tropical and subarctic climates: Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, Mongol, and Sweden. 

  • (154) [Under review] Kang M, Kim KR, Lee JY, Shin JY (2021)

    Determination of thermal sensation levels for Koreans based on perceived temperature and climate chamber experiments with hot and humid settings. International Journal of OOOOOOOOO (Submitted on June 23)
  • (153) [In progress] Cho K, Park J, Kwon J, Lee JY*(2020)

    Which region is the most effective for body heating at rest in a cold environment: Comparison of the chest, abdomen, upper back and lower back. EOOOOOOO. 
  • (152) [Under review] Jung DH, Kim K, Lee JY* (2021)

    Is Physiological Strain Proportional to the Protective Levels of Personal Protective Equipment in Hot and Humid Environments? EOOOOOO (Submitted on May 9, 2021).
  • (151) [Under review] Ilham Bakri, Joo-Young Lee, Yutaka Tochihara* (2021)

    Development of a test method to evaluate the physiological effects of firefighter personal protective equipment in a hot environment: Issues on volunteer groups and exercise intensities. Fire Technology (Submitted on Apr 26)
  • (150) [In progress] Lee JY*, Baek YJ, Jung DH, Bae GT, Kim GR (2020)

    Evaluation of physiological strain index for elderly men in hot and humid environments. Int J BioOOOOO 

  • (149) [In progress] Jang YJ, Jung DH, Kim DH, Park J, Lee JY* (2021)

    Heat tolerance of Korean women divers during hot water leg immersion

  • (148) [Under review] Khan MS, Salsabila S, Lee JY, Kim JK* (2021)

    Estimation of core body temperature by near-infrared imaging of vein diameter change in dorsal hand.  Biomedical Optics Express (submitted on May 14)
  • (147) [Under review] Jung JY & Lee JY* (2020)

    Inhalation resistance of face masks with different filtration efficiencies and designs at various flow rates and moisture saturation. International Journal of OOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO (Submitted on Oct 29, 2020)

  • (146) Quinn TD, Gutierrez B, Saez I, Santisteban A, Lee JY, Kim JH, Coca A* (2021)

    Comparison of three internationally certified firefighter protective ensembles: physiological responses, mobility, and comfort.

    International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 86, 103232

  • (145) 임가영, 이혜린, 전영민, 이주영* (2021)

    COVID-19 감염병 대응 의료진의 개인보호구 개선사항 분석 및 동작 프로토콜 개발-동작적합성과 쾌적성을 중심으로-. 

    한국지역사회생활과학회지 32(3), 363-379.

    Personal protective equipment for healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic: improvement of thermal comfort and development of a mobility test protocol. 

    Korean Journal of Community and Living Science 32(3), 363-379.

  • (144) Kwon J, Kim K, Ju J, Lee JY* (2021)

    Performance evaluation of water-repellent combat uniforms using a static manikin and human subjects under a rainfall tower system. 

    Fashion & Textiles, 8(1):30

  • (143) 정재연, 이주영* (2021)

    국내외 보건용 마스크의 안면부 밀착도 및 누설률 비교: 마스크 디자인과 착용자 얼굴형을 고려한 탐색적 평가.

    한국생활환경학회지 28(4), pp 377-390. 

    Comparison of fit factor and total inward leakage of face masks: exploratory evaluation by mask designs and face panel.

    Journal of The Korean Society of Living Environmental System, 28(4), pp 377-390.

  • (142) 백윤정*, 조가영, 홍유진, 이주영 (2021)

    10℃ 환경에서 기류가 겨울철 패딩 의류의 한 벌 보온력에 미치는 영향: 인체 착용 및 서멀마네킹 측정 비교.

    한국의류학회지 45(4), pp703-713.

    Effects of air velocity on the thermal insulation of winter-padded clothing ensembles at 10°C air temperature -comparison of human wear trials with a thermal manikin-. 

    Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 45(4), pp703-713.

  • (141) Baek YJ, Kim SH, Kim S, Yoo ES, Lee JY*(2020)

    Effects of air mattress pressure on sleep quality and physiological responses: Comparisons of the shoulder and hip pressure relief . 

    International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology. (Article publication date: 20 July 2021)

  • (140) 정재연, 이주영* (2021)

    보건용 마스크 재사용을 위한 가열과 자외선 살균이 마스크의 안면부 흡기저항 및 섬유구조에 미치는 영향.

    한국의류산업학회지, 23(3), 406-414.

    Effects of heating and UV sterilization of repeatedly reused facemasks on inhalation resistance and fiber structure.

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 23(3), 406-414.

  • (139) 김도희, 남기범, 오정우, 이주영* (2021)

    서울시 소방공무원의 방화장갑에 대한 평가 및 사용실태. 

    한국의류산업학회지 23(4), 515-526.

    Evaluation and usage behavior concerning firefighting gloves among firefighting officials in Seoul.

    Fashion & Textiles Research Journal 23(4), 515-526.

  • (138) 김시연, 권지현, 임대영, 정다희, 이주영, 정원영* (2021)

    신발장착형 보행분석 트래커의 사용자경험 분석.

    한국의류산업학회지, 23(3), 390-405.

    User experience analysis of a shoe-mounted gait analysis tracker

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 23(3), 390-405.

  • (137) Kim DH, Kim S, Lee JY* (2021)

    An empirical investigation of firefighter personal protective equipment and burn Injuries in Korea.

    Industrial Health 2021-0068, (Accepted on May 20, 2021)

  • (136) 김도희, 고예린, 최정윤, 이주영* (2021)

    실화재 실험을 통한 소방장갑의 열보호 성능평가. 

    한국생활환경학회지 28(2), 178-188.

    Thermal protective performance of firefighting gloves assessed via full-scale fire test

    Journal of The Korean Society of Living Environmental System 28(2), 178-188.
  • (135) 권주연, 김시연, 백윤정, 이주영* (2021)

    새롭게 개발된 겨울용 공기주입형 배플 패딩 재킷과 기존 방한 패딩 재킷들의 보온력 비교 평가.

    한국의류산업학회지 23(2), 261-272.

    Comparison and evaluation of clothing insulation of newly-developed air-filled baffle jackets and down padded jackets

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal 23(2), 261-272.

  • (134) Seol SH, Bae GT, Taylor NAS, Lee JY* (2021)

    Hand and forearm cooling:exploring deep body cooling in hyperthermic individuals following exercise-induced heating at three different work rates. 
    Industrial Health 59(3), 161-170.
  • (133) Taylor NAS*, Lee JY, Kim S, Notley SR (2021)

    Physiological interactions with personal-protective clothing, physically demanding work and global warming: An Asia-Pacific perspective. 

    Journal of Thermal Biology 97, 102858.


  • (132) 정재연, 강찬혁, 성유찬, 장세혁, 이주영* (2020)

    휴식과 운동 중 COVID-19 대응 보건용 마스크 착용이 호흡·심혈관계 반응 및 착용감에 미치는 영향. 

    한국의류산업학회지 22(6), 862-872.

    Effects of wearing COVID-19 protective face masks on respiratory, cardiovascular responses and wear comfort during rest and exercise. 

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal 22(6), 862-872.

  • (131) 김도희, 이주영*(2020)

    국내 농업 종사자용 농약 방제복의 보호 및 쾌적성능 평가: 소재 및 완제품의 물리화학적 특성. 

    한국지역사회생활과학회지 31(4), 559-573. 

    Protective and comfort performance of pesticide protective clothing: physicochemical properties of materilas and clothing ensembles

    Korean Journal of Community and Living Science 31(4), 559-573.

  • (130) 권주연, 정다희, 김시연, 정원영, 이주영* (2020)

    겨울철 전자 기기 사용을 위한 전도성 보온장갑의 착용성 평가: 손의 기민성과 사용성, 체온조절 반응을 중심으로.

    한국의류산업학회지, 22(5), 686-695. 

    Performance of conductive gloves when using electronic devices in a cold environment - manual dexterity, usability and thermoregulatory responses -

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 22(5), 686-695.

  • (129) 신소라, 권주연, 이주영* (2020)

    추운 환경에서 한 손 보온장갑 착용 시 손의 기민성, 국소 내한성, 자각적 내한성 간의 관련. 

    한국생활환경학회지, 27(5), 573-585.

    Relationships between self-identified cold tolerance and local cold tolerance of the other bare hand which is evaluated by cold-Induced vasodilation while wearing a protective glove in a cold environment

    Korean Journal of Community and Living Science 27(5), 573-585. 10.21086/ksles.2020.

  • (128) 권주연, 임가영, 김승현, 신현재, 이주영*(2020)

    서울과 경기 거주 고등학생 및 성인남녀의 코로나 바이러스(COVID-19) 범유행 위험 인지 및 마스크 착용 행동. 

    한국지역사회생활과학회지 31(3), 335-351 

    Risk awareness to COVID-19 and wear behavior of protective masks between adults and adolescent living in Seoul and Gyunggi province, 

    The Korean Journal of Community Living Science 31(3), 335-351.

  • (127) Ko Y, Kang J, Seol SH, Lee JY* (2020)

    Effectiveness of skin-heating using a water-perfused suit as passive and post-exercise heat acclimation strategies

    Journal of Thermal Biology 93, 102703 (Online).

  • (126) Ko Y, Seol SH, Kim GH, Yu HH, Lee JY* (2020)

    Effects of cold exposure discontinuation on finger cold-induced vasodilation of older retired Korean female divers ‘Haenyeos’.

    Journal of Thermal Biology 91, 102642 (Online).

  • (125) 이주영*, 박준희, 백윤정, 정다희, 고예린, 정재연, 강주호, 이태경, 이예진, 송은영, 손수영, 권주연, 김선화 (2020)

    미세먼지 고농도 시즌 방진용 마스크에 관한 인식과 착용 행동에서 전국 지역별 차이 및 성차. 
    한국의류학회지 44(3), 516-538. (Apr 29 accepted)
    Regional and sex differences in cognition and wear behavior concerning fine-dust protective masks during high concentration days.
    Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 44(3), 516-538.
  • (124) 정재연, 강주호, 설선홍, 이주영* (2020)

    여름철 작업자들의 고체온증 예방을 위한 액체냉각복 개발 및 효과적인 냉각 온도와 인체 냉각부위 탐색. 

    한국의류산업학회지 22(2), 250-260.

    Developing liquid cooling garments to alleviate heat strain of workers in summer and exploring effective cooling temperatures and body regions.

    Fashion & Textile Research Journal 22(2), 250-260.

  • (123) 박준희*, 황수경, 이주영 (2020)

    고령 남녀의 겨울철 품목별 착의실태와 한 벌 의복의 보온력.

    한국생활환경학회지 27(2), 161-173.

    Elderly male' and female’s actual wearing condition by clothing item and clothing ensemble insulation in winter. 

    Journal of The Korean Society of Living Environmental System 27(2), 161-173. 10.21086/ksles.2020.

  • (122) 백윤정, 서원지, 김형찬, 이주영*(2020)

    원적외선 방사 기능 실내복 착용이 인체 피부혈류량, 온열 심리 및 온열 생리 기능에 미치는 영향. 

    한국의류학회지 44(2), 342-353.

    Influences of wearing far-infrared indoor clothing on skin blood flow, perceptual and thermal responses.

    Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 44(2), 342-353.

  • (121) Ko Y, Seol SH, Kang J, Lee JY* (2020)

    Adaptive changes in physiological and perceptual responses  during 10-day heat acclimation training using a water-perfused suit. 

    Journal of  Physiological Anthropology 39, 1-11.

  • (120) Ko Y, Shin S, Choi Y, Hong B, Park S, Lee JY* (2020)

    Thermal effects of copper-graphene composite films in a human skin analogous for the application to clothing. 

    International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 32(4), 601-618. Web. 

  • (119) Kim DH, Bae GT, Lee JY* (2020)

    A novel vest with dual functions for firefighters: combined effects of body cooling and cold fluid ingestion on the alleviation of heat strain. 
    Industrial Health 58, 91-106 (Online).
  • (118) Roh SH, Ko Y, Lee JY* (2020)

    Physiological and subjective burden when wearing fire protective boots between 3.2 to 5.3 kg. 

    Fashion & Textiles 7, 14.


  • (117) 박준희, 이주영* (2019)

    추운 환경에서 보온용 장갑 착용이 고령 여성의 인체 생리 반응 및 주관적 감각에 미치는 효과. 

    한국의류학회지 43(6), 866-876.

    Wearing effects of winter gloves in cold environment on physiological responses and subjective perception in elderly females.  

    Park J, Lee JY* (2019), Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 43(6), 866-876.

  • (116) Park J, Shin S, Park S, Lee JY* (2019)

    Changes of physiological and perceptual responses after a 14-day cold-interrupted heat exposure.

    Journal of The Korean Society of Living Environmental System 26(4), 573-583.

  • (115) Ko Y, Jung JY, Kim HT, Lee JY* (2019)

    Auditory canal temperature measurement using a wearable device during sleep: comparisons with rectal temperatures at 6, 10 and 14 cm depths. 

    Journal of Thermal Biology 85, 102410 (Online).

  • (114) 백윤정, 배규태, 정다희, 김규랑, 이주영* (2019)

    WBGT 27℃와 32의 고온다습 환경에서 운동과 휴식 시 피부수분도 및 생리적 주관적 발한 반응에서의 연령차. 

    한국생활환경학회지 26(4), 492-506.

    Ageing effects on skin hydration and physio-psychological sweat responses during exercise and rest in WBGT 27 and 32℃ with high humidity. 

    Baek YJ, Bae GT, Jung DH, Kim GR, Lee JY* (2019), Journal of The Korean Society of Living Environmental System 26(4), 492-506.


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