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  • (92) Park J, Kim S, Kim DH, Cha S, Lee JY* (2017)

    Whole-body cold tolerance in older Korean female divers ‘Haenyeo’ during cold air exposure: Effects of repetitive cold exposure and ageing. International Journal of Biometeorology. doi: 10.1007/s00484-017-1463-5. [Epub ahead of print] (Accepted on 14 Oct)
  • (91) Kim YB, Jung D, Park J, Lee JY* (2017)

    Sensitivity to cutaneous warm stimuli varies greatly in the human head. Journal of Thermal Biology 69, 132-138 (Accepetd on 12 July, 2017; Available online 14 July, 2017).

  • (90) 배규태, 김도형, 신혜영, 이주영* (2017)

    구형과 신형 소방 보호장갑의 착탈 시험 및 동작 기민성 평가를 통한 통합형 착용시험법 Integrated test method by the evaluation of don-doff and mobility of old and newly-developed firefighting protective gloves. 한국의류학회지 41(5) 950-965 (10월호, Accepted on Oct 10).
  • (89) 노상현, 현철승, 이주영*(2017)

    라텍스 장갑과 마이크로 파이버 속장갑 착용 시 손의 피부수분도 분포 [Distribution of skin hydration on the hand while wearing latex gloves and inner gloves]. 한국의류학회지 41(5) 966-976 (10월호).  
  • (88) 정다희, 김소연, 손아림, 전보영, 김선영, 이주영* (2017)

    전자섬유의 피부 밀착의복 적용을 위한 인체 부위별 피부 최대변형률 [Regional skin maximal elongation rate for applying E-textiles to tight-fit clothing]. 한국지역사회생활과학회지 28(3), 365-375 (Accepted on Aug 28)
  • (87) 이효현, 김시연, 김도희, 김도형, 이주영* (2017)

    화재진압 중 소방관의 돌발고위험상황 노출 경험과 개인보호구 개선요구사항 실태조사 [Requirements of improvement on personal protective equipment and experiences exposed to accidently high risk circumstance while firefighting: a questionnaire study] 한국생활환경학회지 24(5), 549-561 (2017년 10월호) 
  • (86) Shin S, Choi HH, Kim YB, Hong BH, Lee JY* (2017)

    Evaluation of heating protocols with graphene heated clothing in cold. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 29(6), 830-844
  • (85) Baek YJ, Jung D, Son SY, Lee JY* (2017)

    Comparisons between Shikoro-type helmet with no hood and typical fire protective helmets with hood in a hot and humid environment. Ergonomics, 17,1-9 DOI:10.1080/00140139.2017.1353707
  • (84) Lee JY*, Park J, Kim S (2017)

    Cold adaptation, ageing and Korean women divers 'haenyeos'(Review). Journal of Physiological Anthropology 36:33, 1-13 (Accepted on 30 June, 2017)
  • (83) Park JH, Jang YJ, Lee JY* (2017)

    Effects of contralateral hand immersion in hot water on physiological responses and subjective perceptions during finger cold-induced vasodilatation test. 한국생활환경학회지, 24(2), pp213~222 (2017년 4월)
  • (82) 김다미, 김도형, 이주영*(2017)

    기온 70oC의 복사열 노출환경에서 건조와 젖은 상태의 소방용 보호장갑 착용 시 쾌적성 평가[Wear comfort of firefighters protective gloves in dry and wet conditions at 70oC air temperature with radiant heat]. 한국생활환경학회지 24(1), 95-106. (게재승인일 2017년 2월 24일, 출판일 2017년 2월 28일)
  • (81) Lee JY*, Park J, Koh ES, Cha SW (2017)

    Finger cold-induced vasodilation of older Korean women divers, haenyeos.: Effects of chronic cold exposure and ageing. International Journal of Biometeorology 61, 1299-1307 (Accepted on 17 Jan) DOI 10.1007/s00484-017-1308-2 


  • (80) 이효현, 신소라, 김영빈, 박성진, 이주영* (2016)

    대한민국 해군 기존 함상복과 개발 함상복의 동작적합성 및 착용 생리반응 평가. 한국생활환경학회지 23(6), 853-867. Published in Dec 2016.
  • (79) Shin JH, Sim M, Lee JY, Shin DM (2016)

    Lifestyle and geographic insights into the distinct gut microbiota in elderly women from Two Different Geographic Locations. Journal of Physiological Anthropology (Accepted on 4 Dec, 2016; Published 12 Dec, 2016)
  • (78) 박성진, 이주영* (2016)

    전분요오드법에 의한 능동한선 수 측정법의 신뢰도 평가 [Number of active sweat glands and its reliability in measurements using starch-iodine paper method]. 한국생활환경학회지, 23(5), pp 659-667, 2016년도 11월호.
  • (77) 이효현, 신소라, 이주영* (2016)

    대한민국 동하절기 해군 함상복의 착용쾌적성 평가를 통한 디자인 요소 요구성능 분석 [Design requirements by evaluating comfort while wearing Korean naval duty uniforms for summer and winter]. 한국지역사회생활과학회지 27(3), 419-435 (2016년 8월호)

  • (76) 김다미, 이인성, 이주영* (2016)

    국내외 보급형 소방용 보호장갑의 동작성 평가 - 착탈시험, 기민성 시험, 회전력 시험을 중심으로- [Mobility evaluation of popular firefighting protective gloves in domestic and foreign countries -Don/doff test, dexterity test, and torque test-]. 한국의류학회지, 40(5), pp921-935 (Accepted on 10 Aug).

  • (75) Jung D, Kim D, Park J, Lee JY* (2016)

    Greater body mass index is related to greater self-identified cold tolerance and greater insensible body mass loss. Journal of Physiological Anthropology 35:16, 2016 (Published on 22 Aug 2016).
  • (74) 김다미, 정다희, 박준희, 이주영* (2016)

    도시거주 남자 대학생의 자각적 내한내열성과 체온조절 행동 [Thermoregulatory behavior and self-identified thermal tolerance of young males residing in urban area]. 한국지역사회생활과학회지 27(2), pp245-263. 2016년 5월호.

  • (73) Lee JY*, Lee HH, Kim S, Jang YJ, Kang KY (2016)

    Diving bradycardia of elderly Korean women divers, Haenyeo, in cold seawater: a field report. Industrial Health, 54(2), 183-190 (Epub 2015 Dec 1) (Printed in April 2016)
  • (72) 김도희, 백윤정, 이주영* (2016)

    농약방제복 개발 규격 및 시험평가법 표준화를 위한 국내외 연구현황 분석 [Contemporary research to standardize the development and test methods for performance of pesticide protective clothing], 한국생활과학회지 25(2), 185-205 (2016년 4월호)

  • (71) Park JH, Lee JY* (2016)

    Relationships of self-identified cold tolerance and cold-induced vasodilation in the finger. International Journal of Biometeorology, 60(4): 521-529 (Epub 13 Aug 2015)(Printed in Apr 2016)

  • (70) Kim S, Lee JY* (2016)

    Skin sites to predict deep-body temperature while wearing firefighters’ personal protective equipment during periodical changes in air temperature. Ergonomics 59(4), 496-503 (Epub Aug 20, 2015)(Printed in Apr 2016)

  • (69) Park H*, Hwang SK, Lee JY, Fan J, Jeong Y (2016)

    Impact of electrical heating on effective thermal insulation of a multi-layered winter clothing system for optimal heating efficiency. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 28(2):254-264. (Accepted 1 Feb, 2016)(Printed in Apr 2016)
  • (68) 김시연, 이주영* (2016)

    소방방화복을 착용했을 때의 소방진압 업무 적합도 평가 프로토콜의 개발 [Development of firefighting performance test drills while wearing personal protective equipment]. 한국화재소방학회 30(1), 138-148. (2016년 2월호)


  • (67) Shin S, Park JH, Lee JY* (2015)

    Does the hair influence heat extraction from the head during head cooling under heat stress? Industrial Health, 53(6), 533-541.(Epub July 10,2015)(Printed in Dec 2015)
  • (66) Lee JY*, Park JH, Park H, Coca A, Kim JH, Taylor NA, Son SY, Tochihara Y (2015)

    What do firefighters desire from the next generation of personal protective equipment? Outcomes from an international survey. Industrial Health, 53(5): 434-444 (Epub May 29, 2015)(Printed in Oct 2015)

  • (65) Ha JY, Jang YJ, Lee JY* (2015)

    Changes in cardiovascular and emotional responses of spectators while watching a figure skating star ‘Yuna Kim’s final performance in 2014 Winter Olympics. 한국생활환경학회지, 22(4), 572-582. (2015년 8월호) 
  • (64) 이효현, 이영란, 김지은, 김시연, 이주영* (2015)

    '발열내복'이라 광고되는 시판 기능성 보온내복의 써멀 마네킹과 인체 착용 실험을 통한 체온조절 성능 평가 [Evaluation of thermoregulatory properties of thermal underwear named as ‘heating underwear’ using thermal manikin and human performance Test] 한국의류산업학회지,17(4),658-666. (2015년 8월호)

  • (63) 이효현, 신소라, 이주영, 백윤정* (2015)

    해군 함상 근무복 개발을 위한 착용 실태 조사 [Survey on the actual wearing conditions of naval duty uniforms in naval vessels]. 한국의류산업학회지, 17(4), 646-656. (2015년 8월호)
  • (62) 이효현, 김시연, 장영준, 하정윤, 강권용, 권미선, 이주영* (2015)

    고령 제주 해녀의 행동성 체온조절과 내한내열성의 변화: 설문조사와 국소내한성 평가를 바탕으로
    [The age-related changes in behavioral temperature regulation and thermal tolerance of the elderly Jeju haenyeo: A questionnaire and a local cold tolerance test] 한국생활환경학회지 22(3): 477-489 (게재승인 6월 26일) (2015년 6월호)

  • (61) 박성진, 하정윤, 이주영* (2015)

    1994년~2014년 한국생활환경학회지와 해외 관련 저널 출판논문의 연구동향 및 연구관계망 분석.[Network analysis and trends of articles in the journal the Korean society of living environmental system and journal of physiological anthropology from 1994 to 2014] 한국생활환경학회지, 22(3), 1-10. (2015년 6월호)
  • (60) 김영빈, 장원, 김기림, 김시연*, 백윤정, 이주영 (2015)

    공기주입형 의복의 보온력 측정 및 다운재킷의 보온력과의 비교 [Comparisons of thermal insulations between on air-cell packs embedded jacket and down jackets], 한국의류학회지 39(1):39-46


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