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Research Articles

(53) Bakri I*, Lee JY, Tochihara Y (2013)   
Verification of volunteer groups and exercise intensities used during the personal protective equipment standard test. (Submitted)

(52) Wakabayashi H*, Wijayanto T, Lee JY, Hashiguchi N, Saat M, Tochihara Y (2013)  
A comparison of the hydration effect on the regulation of body fluid and temperature between Malaysian and Japanese males exercising in heat. (Submitted)

(51) Baek YJ*, Lee JY (2013)  
Influences of the partial components of the firefighters protective equipment on heat strain of the whole body: a pilot study. Journal of Human-Environment System, (Submitted)

(50) Lee JY*, Bakri I, Kim JH, Son SY, Tochihara Y (2013)  
The impact of fire fighter personal protective equipment and treadmill protocol on maximal oxygen uptake. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 10(7), 397-407.

(49) 정인희*, 권수애, 이윤정, 이주영, 정운선 (2013)  
성별에 따른 대학생의 자기 건강 이미지와 착의 실태 차이. 한국의류학회지, 37(1), 64-75.

(48) Son SY*, Lee JY, Tochihara Y (2013)  
Occupational stress and strain in relation to personal protective equipment of Japanese firefighters assessed by a questionnaire. Industrial Health, 51(2) (In press)

(47) Lee JY*, Bakri I, Matsuo A, Tochihara Y (2013)  
Cold-induced vasodilation and vasoconstriction in the finger of tropical and temperate indigenes. Journal of Thermal Biology, 38(2):70-78.

(46) Takahashi N*, Lee JY, Wakabayashi H, Tochihara Y (2012)  
The rectal temperature estimation method based on tympanic temperature for workers wearing protective clothing in nuclear facilities. Japanese Journal of Health Physics, 47 (1): 54-65 (in Japanese).

(45) Bakri I*, Lee JY, Nakao K, Wakabayashi H, Tochihara Y (2012)  
Effect of fire fighters self-contained breathing apparatus weight and its harness design on the physiological and subjective responses. Ergonomics, 55(7): 782-791.

(44) Tochihara Y, Lee JY*, Wakabayashi H, Wijayanto T, Bakri I, Parsons K (2012)  

The use of language to express thermal sensation suggests heat acclimatization by Indonesian people. International Journal of Biometeorology (DOI: 10.1007/s00484-011-0519-1, Online First).

(43) Lee JY*, Nakao K, Bakri I, Tochihara Y (2012)  
Body regional influences of L-menthol application on the alleviation of heat strain while wearing firefighters’ protective clothing. European Journal of Applied Physiology (DOI: 10.1007/s00421-011-2192-9, Online First).

(42) Wakabayashi H*, Wijayanto T, Kuroki H, Lee JY, Tochihara Y (2012)  

The effect of repeated mild cold water immersions on the adaptation of the vasomotor and metabolic responses. International Journal of Biometeorology (DOI: 10.1007/s00484-011-0462-1, Online First).

(41) Takahashi N*, Lee JY, Wakabayashi H, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Development and operational results of a real-time remote biological information monitoring device for the workers wearing protective clothes at a nuclear facility. Japanese Journal of Health Physics, 46: 140-147 (In Japanese).

(40) Lee JY*, Nakao K, Takahashi N, Bakri I, Son SY, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Validity of infrared tympanic temperature as a thermal strain index while wearing impermeable protective clothing in hot environments. Industrial Health, 49: 714-725.

(39) Lee JY*, Bakri I, Toramoto S, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Cutaneous thermal thresholds of tropical indigenes residing in Japan. Journal of Thermal Biology, 36: 461-468.

(38) Lee JY*, Wakabayashi H, Wijayanto T, Hashiguchi N, Saat M, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Ethnic differences in thermoregulatory responses during resting, passive and active heating: Application of Werner’s Adaptation Model. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 111 (12): 2895 ? 2905.

(37) Lee JY*, Nakao K, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Validity of perceived skin wettedness mapping to evaluate heat strain. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 111: 2581-2591.

(36) Lee JY*, Nakao K, Tochihara Y (2011)  
Chest, abdomen or back: Selecting an optimum trunk region for Hardy and DuBois’ weighted mean skin temperature formula. Journal of the Human-Environmental System, 13 (1): 7-14.

(35) Tochihara Y*, Kumamoto T, Lee JY, Hashiguchi N (2011)  
Age-related differences in cutaneous warm sensation thresholds of human males in thermoneutral and cool environments. Journal of Thermal Biology, 36: 105-111.

(34) Lee JY*, Ko ES, Lee HH, Kim JY, Choi JW (2011)  
Validation of clothing insulation estimated by global and serial methods. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 23 (2/3): 184-198.

(33) Chou C, Tochihara Y*, Saat M, Lee JY (2011)  
Physiological strains of wearing aluminized and non-aluminized firefighters’ protective clothing during exercise in radiant heat. Industrial Health, 49: 185-194.

(32) Wakabayashi H*, Wijayanto T, Lee JY, Hashiguchi N, Saat M, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Comparison of heat dissipation response between Malaysian and Japanese males during exercise in humid heat stress. International Journal of Biometeorology, 55: 509-517.
(32-1) Wakabayashi H*, Wijayanto T, Lee JY, Hashiguchi N, Saat M, Tochihara Y (2012)  
Authors’ response to A. Flouris’s correspondence ‘The advantage of using differential data in thermal biology’. International Journal of Biometeorology, 56(2): 405-406.

(31) Wijayanto T*, Wakabayashi H, Lee JY, Hashiguchi N, Saat M, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Comparison of thermoregulatory responses to heat between Malaysian and Japanese males during leg immersion. International Journal of Biometeorology, 55: 491-500.

(30) Lee JY*, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Linguistic dimensions in descriptors expressing thermal sensation in Korean: warm projects thermal comfort. International Journal of Biometeorology, 54(4):357-364.

(29) Lee JY*, Saat M, Chou C, Hashiguchi N, Wijayanto T, Wakabayashi H, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Cutaneous warm and cool sensation thresholds and the inter-threshold zone in Malaysian and Japanese males. Journal of Thermal Biology, 35(2): 70-76.

(28) Lee JY*, Wakabayashi H, Wijayanto T, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Differences in rectal temperatures measured at depths of 4-19 cm from the anal sphincter during exercise and rest. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 109(1): 73-80.

(27) Lee JY*, Stone EA., Wakabayashi H, Tochihara Y (2010)  
Issues in combining Likert and visual analog scales for the assessment of perceived thermal sensation: methodological and conceptual considerations. Applied Ergonomics, 41(2): 282-290.

(26) Lee JY*, Choi JW (2009)  
Estimation of regional body surface area covered by clothing. Journal of the Human-Environment System, 12(1): 35-45.

(25) Lee JY*, Koscheyev VS, Kim JH, Warpeha J (2009)  
Thermal dynamics of core and periphery temperature during treadmill sub-maximal exercise and intermittent regional body cooling. Journal of Korean Society of Living and Environmental System, 16(2): 89-100.

(24) Tochihara Y*, Chou CM, Lee JY (2009)  
Safety, wearer mobility and comfort of protective clothing -Difficulties in evaluating thermal strain by subjective responses- 防護服の安全性、活動性と快適性 -主?申告による?熱負?評?の難しさ-Japanese Journal of Sensory Evaluation 日本官能評???誌, 13(1):19-22 (in Japanese).

(23) Lee JY*, Tochihara Y, Wakabayashi H, Stone EA (2009)  
Warm or slightly hot? Differences in linguistic dimensions describing perceived thermal sensation. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 28(1): 37-41.

(22) Choi JW, Kim MJ, Lee JY* (2008)  
Alleviation of heat strain by cooling different body areas during red pepper harvest work in WBGT 33oC. Industrial Health, 46: 620-628.

(21) Lee JY*, Kim MJ, Choi JW, Stone EA, Hauver RA (2008)  
Does wearing thermal underwear in mild cold affect skin temperatures and perceived thermal sensation on the hands and feet for the elderly? Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 27(6): 301-308.

(20) Koscheyev VS*, Lee JY, Kim JH, Leon GR, Kwon S, Gernhardt ML (2008)  
Cooling and thermal strategies in the space suit for routine and emergency situations. SAE Technical Paper Series, Paper Number 2008 ICES-01-1993, Warrendale, PA: SAE International.

(19) Lee JY*, Choi JW, Kim H (2008)  
Determination of body surface area and formulas to estimate body surface area using the Alginate method. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 27(2): 71-82.

(18) Lee JY*, Choi JW, Park JH (2007)  
Relationships between insensible perspiration and thermo physiological factors during wearing seasonal clothing ensembles in comfort. Korean Journal of Clothing & Textiles, 31(12): 1700-1709.

(17) Lee JY*, Choi JW, Kim H (2007)  
Determination of hand surface area by sex and body shape using Alginate. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 26(4): 475-483.

(16) Koscheyev VS*, Lee JY, Kim JH, Berowski AC, Leon GR, Trevi?o RC (2007)  
Person to person biological heat bypass during EVA emergencies. SAE Technical Paper Series, Paper Number 2007- 01-3209, Warrendale, PA:SAE International.

(15) Choi JW, Kim MJ, Lee JY* (2007)  
Ergonomic investigation of the workload of red pepper harvest workers in summer: a pilot study for developing personal protective clothing. The Korean Society of Living Environment System, 14(1): 9-19.

(14) Lee JY*, Choi JW (2006)  
Validity and reliability of an alginate method to measure body surface area. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 25(3): 247-256.

(13) 최정화, 이주영*, 고은숙, 이효현, 김재영 (2006)  
외출할 때와 집 안에서 한국 성인 여성의 계절별 착의 실태. 한국생활환경학회지, 13(1): 8-17.

(12) 이주영*, 최정화 (2005)  
알지네이트를 이용한 체표면적 측정방법과 삼차원 스캐닝에 의한 체표면적 측정방법의 비교. 한국의류학회지, 29(11): 1507-1519.

(11) 최정화, 김명주, 이주영* (2005)  
여름철 농민의 서열 부담 경감을 위한 냉각조끼의 성능 평가. 한국의류학회지, 29(8): 1176-1187.

(10) 김명주, 이주영* (2004)  
겨울철 실내온도에서 내복착용에 따른 의복기후와 주관적 감각, 대한가정학회지, 42(10): 91-104.

(9) 최정화, 이주영, 김소영* (2004)  
철도 차량 정비 작업자를 위한 일회용 부직포 작업복의 온열적 성능 평가. 한국의류학회지, 28(8): 1175-1185.

(8) 최정화, 김소영, 이주영* (2004)  
철도차량정비작업자의 부직포 보호 작업복 착용 실태에 관한 연구. 한국의류학회지, 28(8): 1165-1174.

(7) Lee JY*, Choi JW (2004)  
Influences of clothing types on metabolic, thermal and subjective responses in a cool environment. Journal of Thermal Biology, 29(4~5): 221-222.

(6) 최정화, 이주영*, 김소영 (2004)  
기능성 실험가운의 개발 및 평가-체온조절 및 온열 쾌적성을 중심으로. 한국의류학회지, 28(2):292-302.

(5) 최정화, 김소영*, 이주영 (2004)  
실험가운의 착용실태 조사. 한국의류학회지, 28(1):172-181.

(4) Choi JW*, Lee JY, Kim SY (2003)  
Effects of thermal underwear on thermal and subjective responses in winter. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 22(1): 29-36.

(3) 최정화, 김명주, 이주영* (2002)  
여름철 포도 수확 작업 농민의 작업 환경 및 노동 부담 평가. 대한가정학회지, 40(11): 193-205.

(2) 최정화, 이주영* (2002)  
농약 방제 작업자의 작업 환경 및 노동 부담 평가. 한국의류학회지, 26(11): 1672-1681.

(1) 최정화, 김명주, 이주영* (2002)  
여름철 비닐하우스 오이 수확 농민의 작업 부담 및 온열 환경 평가, 한국생활환경학회지, 9(3): 245-253.